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WNB One Radio

a Black and Latino owned internet-based radio station that provides quality entertainment to the Greater New Bedford Area, Boston, and beyond. 

Our mission is to support our local business community with an emphasis on those that are minority-owned by curating diverse entertainment within various genres including live music, DJ, Podcasts, YouTube shows, and much more. 


Diversity, Inclusion, Opportunity, and Growth are key pillars of our culture and operations. We pride ourselves on becoming New Bedford’s first Black and Latino owned internet-based radio station.


As a staple in the Downtown District of New Bedford, Massachusetts, WNB One Radio’s collection of music streams across a plethora of ethnic backgrounds, reaching communities that reflect our own.    We intend to pay homage to community leaders who have paved the way for us to have this platform. It is a huge part of why we are passionate about the presentation of our culture, as well as commitment to our communities.  


We are one, yet move as a collective - to highlight New Bedford in ways never seen before. 


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"Its like women have their own language, and each one has their own dialect. That's crazy! How are guys supposed to keep up with that!?"

Berto aka "The Talent"

The Frequency L.I.V.E

"Last year there were times I had zero clue what the New England Patriots were up to, but they were still100% better than your Detroit Lions!"

Steve Lopes

Straight-2-the-Point Sports Podcast

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